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Franco Moschino took fashion stage during the 80’s in order to pour into it an invigorating mix of irony and audacity. He was born in 1950 not far from Milan. His career started from working as an illustrator in various fashion magazines, and then he proved himself as a stylist and freelance designer, becoming known for his provocative and “irreverent” style. His clothing is luxurious, impeccably tailored and made of qualitative fabrics. According to the Moschino, this brand may be called only Chip & Chic. Chip & Chic is a paradox where “chip” is to be understood in a figurative sense as more democratic, but not less amazing gorgeous. The line was introduced to the public in 1988. From this point the second line of designer that is called Moschino Chip and Chic becomes very popular all over the world. Moschino Chip & Chic line is developed for young girls. It kept its self-irony and creativity typical for the first line of Maschino. Buy Moschino Cheap & Chic and please yourself with a new purchase! You deserve only the best so have no hesitation and visit our stores or buy Moschino Cheap and Chic online and enjoy high quality original clothing!