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Legendary Californian artist and tattoo master – Don Ed Hardy, who is known as the godfather of modern tattoo for complexity, depth and experimental character of his works and eccentric French designer – Christian Audigier, who is often called in the fashion circles as Le Vif that is translated from French as Bright created ultrafashionable brand line – Ed Hardy in 2004. Despite the fact that brand was launched not so long ago, the grandiose success among young people and celebrities was taken for granted as creative duo presented unique style that was absolutely new for the fashion industry. The aim of a talented designer was to elevate the tattoo art of Don Hardy thus tempting fashion-lovers to be peculiar. The tattoo – style has reflected on collections of handbags as well, which are produced in order to complement the well-established Ed Hardy clothing line. The rebellious character of brand name products is obvious as any designer handbag features dazzling rhinestones, vivid colors, and awesome images. The handbags from the duo are definitely not for a modest person, as they are full of colorful elements such as tigers, dragons or even skulls. However, for today the wardrobe of any person cannot be considered complete if there is not an effective and spectacular handbag by Ed Hardy. For every generation from Elizabeth Taylor to Britney Spears a unique designer handbag is a must, why not to join them?