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One of the eight brands owned by famous French designer Christian Audigier was called by his own name and gained popularity really quickly due to its spectacular features. The creations of the brand are the results of tireless and fertile imagination of a talented designer who was inspired by the works of tattoo-master – Mr. Hardy. The collections of Christian Audigier include all necessary things that a modern person needs to express one’s individuality. Bright, glam and extraordinary details can shock and amaze at the same time. But the most important of the brand collections still remain designer’s ability to make people always feel young and easygoing while wearing brand name clothes and accessories. The brand name handbags are the reflection of the celebrity style of Christian Audigier, as these designer accessories represent the imaginative nature of a fashion line designer. Made of luxurious fabrics with charming silhouettes, such unusual models of handbags will definitely add zest to your look. It becomes easy to stand out in a crowd with a piece of Hollywood glitz in your hands. You stand a good chance to take a close look at Christian Audigier handbag collections at our online store and select an item which would impress you the most.