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Burberry was established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. Thomas Burberry was only 21 years old when he opened his first store. It was time when company name changed from Burberry to Burberrys, but later Burberry came back. Today it almost 100 years when people know and wear famous Burberry check that was first time used in 1924 and became most recognizable sign all over the world. We can even say that Burberry check became a synonym of England and style.
In 1891 was opened famous Burberry’s store in the Haymarket, London. This store if very popular because it still exists, even after 100 years passed.
During the First World War Thomas Burberry get great popularity because of his trench coats and later after the end of the war these trench coats became very popular among civilians. Famous Burberry check was used those times only as a lining to those trench coats.
Till 1955 Burberry was an independent company, later it was taken over by Great Universal Stores. Burberry try to follow modern tendencies and it start selling online, first in the US, later UK and Europe in year 2007.

As it was already mentioned originally Burberry check was used as a lining only, but today this famous check Burberry uses for all Burberry products: Burberry men’s wear, Burberry women’s wear, Burberry children’s wear, Burberry shoes, Burberry handbags and other Burberry accessories.
It is very easy to check how popular some brand is, just visit some local market and see how many replica goods of that brand you can find. Burberry is one of the most copied brand all over the world. Comparatively to some brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other Burberry try to solve this problem and to stop Burberry replica production. Burberry’s heads now even thinking to remove famous Burberry check and not to use it anymore….
Burberry bosses are very disappointed that famous Burberry’s colors became the synonym to “chavsters”. “Burberry” colored caps and scarfs are the favorite “uniform” for chavsters. Some England pubs even have such a note on the doors: “No jeans, no sneakers, no Burberry”