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How to Buy Balenciaga Handbags
Balenciaga is a well known name in the world fashion industry and its handbag is a must have for every modern women. Balenciaga popularity can be explained because of its remarkable design and high quality materials. Every handbag is unique because of the different natural patterns of the goat’s leather that is used to produce Balenciaga Handbags.
Because of all factors that are mentioned above the cost of original Balenciaga Handbag can not be low. And unfortunately some times people can face with fake Balenciaga handbags, but it is impossible to buy the same high quality for the lower price
Here are some tips what to look for to ensure you’re buying an original Balenciaga handbag.
1. First of all check all zippers. Only Lampo brand zippers are used in original Balenciaga handbags. Check the Lampo label on the inside of the zipper and also pay attention that the letters should be italicized and raised, NOT engraved.
2. Now examine the nameplate. You can find two types of Balenciaga nameplates: a silver plate or a leather tag, the style depends on the year it was produced and the handbag model. Here you can also find two very important things: the model number and the serial number.. The model number matches the first six of the serial numbers and it is situated on the front of the plate. The serial number is on the back
3. Check the hardware carefully. Only sealed, metal rings are possible.

4. Handles are very important part of every handbag. Balenciaga has its own unique handles style: the leather is looks like suede. So, if you see that the handles are shiny, it is no way a real Balenciaga bag.
5. Every authentic Balenciaga handbag has its own “Controllato” card. It can be found on the inside of Balenciaga’s signature cosmetic mirror.

Make some easy test: place the Balenciaga bag on a flat surface. It should not stand up vertical because Balenciaga’s goat leather is very soft.